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Due to the filtration process, the cannabidiol isolate is decarboxylated. Decarboxylation is the process in which a carbon atom is removed from a carbonic chain, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide. 

This process essentially converts inactive compounds found in the product into active compounds, unlocking the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol.

Heat is the active element in the decarboxylation process, however' hotter is not necessarily better.  Decarboxylating at lower temperatures takes longer, but these lower temperatures help perverse terpenes. These terpenes are responsible for the distinct aroma and flavor found in cannabis, but also provide therapeutic benefits to users on their own, and in union with cannabidiol. 

Because it is already decarboxylated, there is no need to vape CBD isolate to receive the full benefits it offers. This benefit allows for the administration of the isolate in any number of ways. 

Melon Cloud Tests every batch!

 Melon Cloud CBD TESTING


Pesticide testing: Pesticide can be used for optimum hemp growth, but while it benefits the hemp, it can be harmful if exposed to large doses. Pesticide testing ensures safe levels of pesticide have been used.

Potency testing:  This measures the cannabinoid level, with hemp oil regularly including more than 100. Each of these brings different benefits and has a specific effect on the endocannabinoid system, whether it relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety or works to stop seizures. The hemp oil’s potency is based on the concentration of these cannabinoids, and these are important to understand when purchasing a hemp oil product.

Terpene testing: Terpenes determine the flavor and color of hemp oil, depending on which strain of the plant is used to make it. These can create flavors of berries, mint or even orange, as well as bringing additional health benefits.

Microbiological testing: These tests ensure there are no harmful bacteria or mold on the hemp, as these can cause health problems when ingested or absorbed into the body. By conducting microbiological tests, the presence of any harmful bacteria or spores can be quickly and easily identified, meaning it doesn’t make it into the hemp oil.

Residual solvents testing: Some producers of hemp oil still use solvents to infuse the hemp. These can include acetone, carbon dioxide, propane and many more harmful solvents. The use of these can cause serious health implications, with lab tests helping to avoid this, highlighting the use of any residual solvents.




· Make sure the product is organic: If it isn’t organic, your CBD oil contains pesticides, fungicides or solvents.

· Don’t cheap out: The higher the quality and purity, the higher the cost. Don’t price shop … make sure your CBD oil is free of additives and has a good amount of CBD.

· Get the analysis: Ask for a lab analysis of the amount of CBD in the product. Many CBD oils contain only small amounts of CBD. The manufacturer should provide a certificate of analysis. You’ll also want to make sure there is little or no THC in the product..


Melon Cloud CBD


Hemp oil  could only have up to 20% CBD per volume  ( when  researching current products on the market) we have found  small amounts  of CBD  15%-60%  in the total profile.


Many products on the market could be legitimate , however there is no way of knowing without testing results(COA) from a third party laboratory and access to the lab reports showing the purity and potency of CBD and if any  trace of THC is detected.

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