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 Martin Dominguez, founder of Melon Cloud CBD, which was launched this year to offer consumers a trusted, reliable source for high-quality pure CBD products, is committed to clearing the air regarding myths and misconceptions about CBD. Melon Cloud is co-state agriculture certified with all of its plants grown in Colorado and all of its products made in Arizona and aims to raise the bar for the entire industry by using only the best ingredients and providing total transparency. Using only the best ingredients and providing total transparency. Our CBD isolate is refined using the latest technologies and paired with supplements. 


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Emily and Sean live in Arizona with their two year old son. They have spent the past decade practicing, studying, and teaching yoga. They created Let Love Rise in an attempt to take their practice further off the mat and into the world— through volunteer work, yoga retreats, and informative workshops, they hope to make a bigger impact on the health of the planet and all it’s inhabitants. These oils are an extension of just that. With substantial knowledge and experience in Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing science, Let Love Rise curated holistic herbal oil blends that bring ultimate balance back to your body, mind, and spirit. Oil up and rise!